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Changchun Yatai Hotel

The main dishes of this restaurant include the healthy and nourishing Northeast Jilin Cuisine, Classic Cantonese Cuisine and flavored Sichuan Cuisine. The professional banquet staff and culinary team will design the delicious menu suitable for various scenarios for guests, and create fresh and tasty green food at reasonable price, where is the best choice for business banquet and family party. [Enter the official website]

Yatai Longda Hotel

The hotel catering focuses on high-quality meal in a manner of eating from a common pot, and is dedicated to provide green, nutritious and healthy specialty catering. It gathers all kinds of delicious Chinese cuisines, and focuses on the main dishes of new style Jilin Cuisine. During the past 21 years since its opening, the high quality service, exquisite dishes and good environment brought this hotel highly praises from all walks of life. [Enter the official website]

Changchun Yatai International Club

Gold Roast Whole Lamb is a cuisine independently developed by Yatai International Club with unique flavor and ingredients, well-chosen materials, unique preparation method, golden color, fat but not greasy, leaving a faint fragrance lingering in the mouth, with an endless savor, which has been successfully granted the national patent. Materials Choice and Process: This cuisine chooses the 11.5 to 12.5 kg wildlife stocking-type Small Tailed Han Sheep at 8-10 months age from the Inner Mongolia prairie, which is a growth stage with fat, tender and best mutton quality. [Enter the official website]

Beijing Yatai Hotel

As a Chinese-style restaurant with main dishes of Jilin Cuisine, in combination with Sichuan Cuisine and Cantonese Cuisine, with selected fine materials for dishes, rich and varied varieties and delicious taste and distinctive features, this restaurant is mainly designed in modern European style with luxurious and elegant interior decoration. This restaurant can simultaneously accommodate more than 500 guests, is suitable for celebrating wedding ceremony and banquet, and is an ideal clubhouse for business negotiation and family party. [Enter the official website]

Hainan Yatai Spa Coast Hotel

The dining place has a luxury Chinese style restaurant that can accommodate 300 peoples, a western-style restaurant that can accommodate 60 peoples, 9 luxury private rooms, and its main dishes include Jilin Cuisine, Cantonese Cuisine and Hainan Cuisine. Moreover, it also has a unique sea food culture corridor (can accommodate 267 dining guests) offers the special Yatai Gold Roast Lamb, seafood BBQ, hot pot and other delicacies. [Enter the official website]

Wuzhishan Yatai Rainforest Resort Hotel

Original ecological delicious cuisine and green local special foods are helpful for keeping in good health, which not only is a kind of lifestyle and also is a kind of life attitude. This hotel has a Four Season Western-Style Restaurant that provides round-the-clock dining and time-segmented buffet services, a Guoxiangge Chinese style restaurant provides the health preserving Cuisine with local features and the Authentic Cantonese Cuisine, the elegant Chatterbox Boutique Restaurant and Red Wine Cigar House; where reveals the subtle human flourishing everywhere under a natural and quiet atmosphere, and creates an environment for your keeping in good health and calming the mind, but also will feel cozy when being out of habitual way of life. [Enter the official website]

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